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Presented by Octagon at 390 Broadway, New York, NY
March 11–13, 2022

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Developed over the last year, Pumpjack is a choreography that examines shifting psychological states within recent decades of “American Industry”, with The Energy Corridor in Houston, Texas as its genesis.

Situated in a theaterized-industrial landscape, Pumpjack draws upon quasi-fictionalized materials from the artifacts and lore surrounding “Texas Oil”. The movements presented in Pumpjack relate to ideas of commodity and exchange, and are sourced from existing cultural phenomena, created from scratch, or deconstructed beyond recognition.

Performed by Savannah Lyons-Anthony, Sharleen Chidiac, Cayleen Del Rosario, Jade Manns, and Owen Prum

This work was developed in part through New Dance Alliance’s LiftOff Residency, and with the support of the KinoSaito Art Center.