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(1)The Department of Aging
99 Canal 6fl New York, NY
March 3, 2023
Part of the performance series 5x5

In “The Department of Aging,” dancers Jade Manns and Gwendolyn Knapp perform choreographed phrases demonstrating miscalculated excessive effort in showmanship and futility. They oscillate between impressive high kicks and furious jumps to pathetic little shimmies and even at moments they recoil in the corner or hide their face in the wall. With movement references to synchronized swimmers, military drills, and pop stars, they shift between the hubris of celebrity to the anxious vulnerability of a child. The phrases provide a structural framework for the piece and a grounding point between the two dancers, who at times move as if in a solo presentation, often engaging more with their surroundings than each other. Curated by Samantha Ozer.