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(5)Triple Expo
Brooklyn, NY
July 25 – August 15, 2020
Performances every Saturday at 5pm and 6pm

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Gym presents Triple Expo, a performance series from Alexa West. Triple Expo is a dance. In it, West produces an economy of movement, isolating formal qualities of social behavior and signifying architecture, celebration, sport, and transportation. Three dancers move within the parameters of latitudinal and longitudinal lines on a low oval stage, the topography mapping their movements and rests. They develop patterns of behavior from their surroundings, cycling through sequences that respond to and support each other. Triple Expo considers the aesthetics of communal work; what is the form of the party? West choreographs a community as it speeds up, atrophies, and recycles, addressing networked systems and the performers laboring within them.

Performed by Sharleen Chidiac, Megan Curet, Owen Prum, Susannah Yugler