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(1)Research Fellowship NYPL
Annual Dance Symposium,
Library of the Performing Arts
January 26, 2024

Objects and sculpture featured prominently in many of Martha Graham’s performances—as in Appalachian Spring, where a minimalist frame by Isamu Noguchi acted as a divider of the space. These set pieces functioned as more than just props: they informed the movements performed, and helped communicate the strong American body language.

For the Research Fellowship at the Jerome Robbins Dance Division of the New York Public Library, West used the Martha Graham archive to create a comprehensive overview of the sculptural set design of Graham’s oeuvre. Her research concluded with a lecture detailing Martha Graham’s relationship to objects and her collaborative relationship with Isamu Noguchi. The lecture also included the production of a set piece and a prop in collaboration with Zeno Ben-Amotz and a dance performed by Noa Weiss.